360 Photo Booth in use at a summer event.

360 Photo Booth Hire

From £495

Maximum fun for your Corporate Event or Private Celebration!

Perfect for Film Launches, Premieres, Music Award Ceremonies, Product Launches, Award Shows and Brand Activations.

Our latest sensation is the 360 Photo Booth. This service completely tears up the rule book for what and how a Photo Booth should do and look, and we absolutely love it

Up to 4-5 guests can stand on our 0.9 metre circular platform (sizes vary), and are then circled by a camera, which takes a high definition, low angle (choices available), slow motion video. This can also be set to create a boomerang-style effect, amongst other fascinating filters. Once the recording has completed (usually 5 seconds), the software uploads the videos to an online gallery, and guests can also receive their content instantly via Airdrop, QR code or direct e-mail sharing!

Frequently Asked Questions

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The 360 looks insanely fun! But is it safe?

Absolutely! We have undergone extensive testing to ensure that the 360 platform is as safe for use as is possible. The platform is always operated by one of our skilled technicians, who will do their best to ensure a safe perimeter has been maintained around the booth before starting the movement of the arm. The arm itself is also programmed to stop if it comes into contact with anything or anyone. And most importantly - thanks to using an ultra-wide lens, the angle of the arm is set closer than our competitor's booths, meaning the risk of hitting anyone whilst recording is greatly reduced.

Whereabouts are you based, and do you travel?

Our warehouse is based in Kings Cross / Camden, Central London. We mostly cover events throughout the Capital, as well as the surrounding counties such as Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Surrey and Hampshire. We do travel nationwide though, just note that there may be travel fees, depending on the location of your event.

How do Guests receive their video content?

Great question! Thanks to software developments in recent months, we're now able to render all of our videos in approximately 10 seconds live at events. Sharing can then be delivered via Airdrop, QR Code, E-mail or Text message (whatsapp is not recommended due to its extreme video compression). We can also display a live feed of recent videos on a display screen near the bot!

Do you offer any backdrops?

Oh yes, we love a good backdrop! We offer a range of backdrops, and our design team can put something totally bespoke together for you. This could be a shimmer wall, light tunnel, the sky is the limit! We also have a range of pre-existing backdrops available if that's preferable.

I've noticed other companies' platforms don't allow dancing - is that the case with you?

We definitely both allow and encourage any form of physical expression on our platform - dancing included! Our platforms are considerably sturdier than most of our competitors', meaning you're free to dance to your hearts content, while also receiving super-stable, high quality videos.

Can this be used outside?

Absolutely! All we ask is that power and Wi-Fi are available, and that we're placed on a solid and stable ground. We will also need to arrange a plan in order to relocate the equipment as fast as possible in the event of rain or other adverse weather conditions.

How much space is required?

Thanks to our ultra-wide camera lens, the footprint that our 360 booth takes up is considerably smaller than other companies' offerings. We can generally set up within the confines of a 2x2 metre space.

Do we get a link to see all of the videos?

Absolutely! You will receive a link to view and download all of the videos the following morning (on Monday if your event is on Saturday to see all of the action! The online gallery is also fully brandable, please contact one of our event directors for more information!

What We Include

Did you know there are a tonne of add-ons included with each package? See the full list below!

Super-Fast, Instant Sharing

Thanks to the latest technology in video software, our videos can now be rendered in as little as 9 seconds. You can of course add more effects and visuals to this as well. Once ready, the videos can be instantly shared via Airdrop (the most popular option), as well as E-Mail, QR Code and Text Message (these require a stable Wi-Fi Connection). We also have GDPR & Data Capture Capabilties with all of our booths, making these perfect for Corporate Events, Brand Activations and Launches.

High Quality, Slow Motion Camera

Our high-def camera shoots super slow motion, in a staggering 120fps! This means that your videos will play back at 2x slower than the eye would usually perceive, which is really quite something to behold! The output is generally rendered in Portrait format, meaning the videos are ready-made for social sharing on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook Reels and Youtube Shorts to name a few! We also have a range of other video effects for guests to choose from on the night.

Ultra Fast Set-Up

Did you know our 360 booths can be set up in as little as 15-30 minutes? Once fully loaded in to position (and ensuring the space is already free), our technician will begin to build the platform and 360 arm, before attaching the camera, preparing the lighting and recording a test shot. We generally arrive with much more notice than this, to be on the safe side - but it's helpful to know that we can still set up very quickly if timings at your event over-run.

World-Class Operators

All of our 360 packages come with what we believe to be one of the best operators in the business (check our review score on Google!). These guests will go above and beyond to ensure that both you and your guests have the best time imaginable on our 360 booth! Our technicians are highly sociable, knowledgeable, calm under pressure and dressed for the occasion.

Who We Work With

We've had the pleasure of working with over 500+ brands in our 10+ years of business. Listed below are a few recent favourites!
We are also lucky enough to have provided services for The BBC, Nike, BT SPORT, Samsung & many more.