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Five reasons you simply MUST have a Photo Booth at your wedding or private party.

Party planning can be a difficult task. You’ve got to think about the venue, catering, entertainment, timings, transport, not to mention your precious guestlist! However, in 2016, you simply can’t miss out on having a photo booth there on the day of your special occasion. Here’s 5 of my personal favourite reasons why:

  • Photo Booth prints are fantastic keepsakes
  • The range of décor options are superb
  • The cost has come down dramatically
  • Guests can record video messages
  • Fantastic value when you team up with other services


Photo Booth prints are fantastic keepsakes.

You see, I’ve never really been one for taking photos myself. I think I’ve taken all of about 3 selfies in the last 12 months – but I cannot deny how much fun photo booth prints are. There’s just something about going into a shiny, mini-studio of sorts, wearing silly props with your favourite people under professional lighting– and the photos really help immortalise those memories.

Most booths will generally also allow you to superimpose yourself, and friends, onto an external background via a green screen. This means that your night really can go anywhere, Las Vegas, Sydney, maybe even Stone Henge!



 The range of décor options are superb.

When you book with a top quality supplier, they generally often quite a wide range in the way of décor options. The exterior skins on these booths luckily are very easily changeable, meaning the booth could be styled to fit a 1920’s-themed cabaret, styled with pink love hearts or dressed up for a classy, showbiz event! (Pictured below) This doesn’t mean you can change the look half way through the event though. That would be cool, maybe one day.

You can also customise your backdrop to match the theming, or add a touch of sparkle to your event. We’ve already mentioned the green screen technology (which does quite literally require a green curtain), but you can also use sparkly backdrops of essentially any colour imaginable!

Booth - Curtain Closed2

And finally props! Props are great. Photo Booths can come with anything from pirate hats, glasses with mini-moustaches hanging off of them to blow up guitars and confetti drops. These are a brilliant, simple and cost-effective option (generally free, actually) that really do add a little extra to the experience.


The cost has come down significantly

 I was arranging an event a few years ago, and was absolutely shocked to discover that booking a basic photo booth package for 3 hours would cost just short of £1000. I suppose the technology was much newer at that point, but at that price – it simply wasn’t worth it. The average wedding budget sits around £16,000, so to spent 1/16th on a booth is just too much.

Luckily though, supply & demand has helped bring the price of hiring photo pooths down dramatically, meaning you can now generally hire a high-quality booth on a 3 hour package for £395 or less. I wouldn’t recommend hiring anything less than £300, or you will likely be sacrificing quality in some way. Many of the less expensive companies use cheap printers that produce really disappointing 6’ x 4’ prints, and generally don’t have the green screen technology.

Guests can record video messages

Another great feature with these booths is that guests can record video messages! Alongside having a guest book (where guests can print a photo of themselves and add a message), I think video messages are a great way of empowering people to really show their appreciation of how much they enjoyed the event. Or how much they hated it… (just kidding!)

A much more recent option in the industry has been the addition of a service called “Marryoke”. I’m sure you’ve heard of Karaoke, so I won’t introduce that for you. The idea here is that you choose a song (or guests team together and choose one), and then individually (or in pairs), sing one of that song. They split the lines of the song between them, until the entire song has been recorded. There are speakers and microphones in the booth (as well as the video camera of course). The software then cuts up and collates all of the individual performances from the evening, and merges them into one song. If I ever get married, I’m booking this (she won’t have a say in it…)


Even better value when you team it up with other services

This one is a little more specific I suppose – but a select few suppliers now offer photo booths alongside other services in some incredible packages. As the staff can all travel down together, costs are reduced considerably, and less operators are generally needed as they can crossover between equipment. You can match a photo booth up with a DJ, dance floor or an up-lighting effect for a cracking all-in-one package!

For me – the best offer available in the industry is the Photo Booth & DJ Package at Marvel Booths. Consisting of a Photo Booth for 3 Hours, and a DJ for 5, you receive an all in one package for the price of £595. This is only available in the South East of England (London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire Buckinghamshire, Middlesex & Surrey), and available during April 2016. Visit the link below for more information:




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