Learn how we became!

Our Photo Booths are the life of the party.


We provide fantastic photo booths for private & public events. Corporate, Festivals, Weddings, Fashion shows. You name it. We take care of your guests, and our booths take care of the pictures!

What else can you expect from us? Only the highest quality of equipment. A reliable service. Fantastic photos, fun props and great designs. But what separates us the most is our service.

Marvel Booths is not a conglomerate, we are a small business focused on providing the best service imaginable to only a number of clients at any given time. Our service is personal – you can call us at any time without obligation whatsoever, and we’re always happy to help. We never have more than a few operators running our booths on any given date, meaning we can keep the standard of our service at the very peak of the market without compromising on quality.

So whether it’s a Photo Booth, Event Photographer or Magic Mirror, give us a call and see how we can help today.